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Charlotte Leadbeater

Lladyfeisant Church Llandeilo
Border Hedges in Winter
The Fish Market Venice

Charlotte Leadbeater graduated from Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts,(Fine Art) London in 1967.
She exhibits nationally and internationally and is on file with the National Portrait Gallery and V&A in London. She exhibited at the Vaganova (Kirov) Ballet Academy in St Petersburg in1999, and  in the Necrasov Museum for the 2003 celebrations in St Petersburg.

Charlotte has exhibited in Haus Wittgenstein in Vienna and in the Cultural Centre in San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the Football World Cup in June and July 2014 with paintings of Gareth Bale.

Charlotte has been involved in art education for forty years, lecturing part time in Swansea Institute of Higher Education, Swansea University, and  Access courses for the West Wales College of the Arts. She also ran the Art Department for many years in Christ College Brecon, 

She was one of the founder members, of Oriel King Street Gallery in Carmarthen. She lectures to art groups nationally, and runs courses and workshops.

I work traditionally in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media.

I have worked with Russian dancers at the Vaganova Ballet Academy, and in the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky Theatres, drawing and painting dancers in rehearsal. I also paint musicians as I love music.

I am now exploring and extending my means of expression of emotion through  colour, especially with musical notation.
Drawing is a basic discipline which I practise regularly, particularly with studies from the object and moving figures.


Charlotte Leadbeater August 2017

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