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Harriet Lloyd

The Sleeping Warriors of Craig y Ddinas by Harriet Lloyd
The Atlantic Mackerel by Harriet Lloyd
Page of Insects by Harriet Lloyd
The Hunting of Twrch Trwyth by Harriet Lloyd
Staffordshire Greyhound Lying by Harriet Lloyd

I was born and brought up in the Black Mountains in Wales. After an art foundation course in Cardiff I studied Fine Art at Oxford Brookes. My early work was in oils but I gradually incorporated collage using textiles and drawings.


I now work mostly in watercolour, gouache and ink. The finished paintings are an assemblage of individual ink and watercolour drawings collaged onto a decorative background, often embellished with metal leaf. Each component may be eccentric and unexpected in the finished context but on closer inspection there is a narrative.


I often incorporate themes from fairy tales and legend yet at other times the story may be open to interpretation. The middle child of five, I draw on happy childhood memories, recalling well-loved toys, games and stories.


The rural Welsh countryside in which I grew up has also influenced my work, in particular the landscapes and buildings which I have used as a backdrop for many of my paintings.


Images are combined to provoke the imagination so the viewer is left to determine the story for themselves.

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