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Jan Brown

Nevern Morning
Cilgerran Quarry
Frosty Night Old Quarry
Cilgerran Steps
Dragon Gate

London born & Essex new town raised, Jan studied Fine Art at North East London Polytechnic (formerly Walthamstow College of Art) in the early 70's.


Jan's earliest memories are of fascination with the post-war landscape of central London, and the brave new world of a pristine and perfect new town. From the sad and ghostly imprints of stair cases and fireplaces on exposed internal walls, faded wallpaper still clinging on, while lush willowherb and buddliea reclaimed the land around to the determindly optimistic love of the new & modern expressed in new towns. As a child and young person, Jan drew and painted compulsively, recording images and impressions of her surroundings, and was said to show great promise as an artist...however, for various reasons, after art school there was less and less time and opportunity to make art and much time went by in an artistic hiatus. Having settled on the West Wales coast some years ago that early fascination with landscapes, and the need to interpret and record them - especially where people have left their mark - returned too strongly to resist, and Jan began drawing and painting seriously again.

She is honoured to have been elected to the RWSW, and so pleased to have sold a number of works in recent times too. A member of Cardigan Art Society, Jan regularly exhibits with the group, and at local galleries.



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