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Watercolour Society of Wales awarded Royal prefix

Welsh Secretary and First Minister of Wales attend ‘Royal Watercolour Society of Wales’ event in Cardiff.

Secretary of State for Wales, Rt. Hon David Jones and First Minister of Wales, Rt. Hon Carwyn Jones AM have today (21 October) officially announced that the Watercolour Society of Wales has been honoured with the bestowal of the Royal prefix to its name.

Her Majesty The Queen has granted approval for The Royal Watercolour Society of Wales (Cymdeithas Frenhinol Dyfrlliw Cymru) to use the title. The Prince of Wales has been a patron of the Society since 2007, and has exhibited some of his own paintings with the Society in the recent past.

The Ministers were joined by the Society’s Chairman, Henry Stephens and his members at an event to mark the occasion at the Howard Gardens campus of Cardiff School of Art & Design.

Formed in 1959 by six artists living in and around Cardiff, the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales aims to provide its membership with regular opportunities to exhibit paintings of high quality and contemporary relevance at prestigious galleries.

The Society holds two exhibitions every year at locations across Wales showing the landscape and life of Wales in all forms. Its first exhibition was held at the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff in 1959. Today the Society has around 40 members, who are all professional artists living and working in Wales.

Secretary of State for Wales, David Jones said: The bestowing of the Royal prefix to the Society’s name honours the long tradition of watercolour painting in Wales, and the important role its members play in preserving this tradition. I’m delighted to officially mark this important occasion on behalf of the UK Government, and I would like to wish the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales every success in its future.

First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones, said: The Royal title recognises the Society’s valuable contribution to Wales’ cultural fabric for over half a century. The honour is highly deserved and on behalf of the people of Wales, I would like to congratulate the Society on this achievement.

Henry Stephens, Chairman of the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales said: It is a wonderful honour for all past and present members for this Society to be now called the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales and, in Welsh, Cymdeithas Frenhinol Dyfrlliw Cymru. This is a tribute to their creativity in Wales for more than 50 years.

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