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Oriel CRiC Gallery welcomes the Royal Watercolour Society of Wales

The Royal Watercolour Society of Wales is exhibiting the work of its members in a varied and colourful exhibition at the Oriel CRiC Gallery in Crickhowell until 19 May 2014. The WSW has existed since 1959 and its rich history, recently honoured by the bestowal of the prefix “Royal” to its title by Her Majesty the Queen, is reflected in the high standard of painting in this exhibition by 28 members of the Society.

The exhibition was opened by Wiliam Gibbs, Chairman of the Brecknock Art Trust who set the work in context of the tradition of watercolour painting in Britain. In saluting the achievements of the Artists of The Royal Water Colour Society of Wales he felt that the work exhibited was evidence that they “are answering the challenge for watercolour artists, the challenge to do what the artists of the 18th century did for their generation , to help us to see what today we take for granted in a new light, to see the ordinary transformed in to the extraordinary and the real world interpreted with both an historical sensibility and a contemporary vision.”

Visitors to the gallery have delighted in both the quality and variety on offer by longstanding and newly elected members of the Society.

Retiring after 14 years as Chairman, Henry Stephens said, “Since my earlier family connections with the Society from the time of its establishment in 1959 and during the period of my Chairmanship I have been privileged to witness the development of the tradition of watercolour painting inWales. I look forward to seeing how use of the medium will continue developing at the hands of our current and future members and with the valued support of our Patron.”

Chairman Elect Robert Macdonald added, “”I think visitors will be surprised by the variety of approaches in this, our first exhibition in Crickhowell. There are artists here using ‘pure’ watercolour painting in the tradition of the great painters of the 18th and 19th centuries and others exploring new water-based media on paper in ways quite different from their predecessors – for instance Ivor Davies, a towering figure on the Welsh art scene who in the past has engaged in powerful symbolism by using earths from the Epynt mixed in with his pigments. We have artists drawing their inspiration from the sea, from plant life, from yew trees, from the landscape and from their own imagination, and we have Prince Charles too who brings a surprisingly serious dedication to his painterly activities”.

The fully accessible gallery in the Crickhowell Resource and Information Centre,Beaufort Street, Crickhowell is open daily Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sundays 10 am to 1.30pm

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