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Simon Jones

Snowdog Sunset Cardiff
Angle Church sunrise
City Hall Cardiff
Tenby Boat Kids
Tenby Harbour morning
Tenby Storm
Manobier spring shower
Cardiff Castle Great Hall
Aberystwyth Starlings Roosting
Solva Evening

I have a complex relationship with watercolour, it has provided some of my lifes greatest satisfactions and greatest disappointments. Over the last 35 years it represents probably 95% of my income, it has financed my education, my family, and now my kids education. Watercolour to me is like living with a complex relative, that is sometimes wonderful, sometime awful but is always there.
Plein Air Watercolour painting is also a way for me to connect with landscape and townscape...its at its best when I am just painting and looking, without much conscious intervention. But to get to this disconnected, way of working I regularly do large numbers of "exercises", to explore tonal, colour, light, drybrush, layers etc etc . I wouldnt say its always successful, I probably bin 30% of my attempts at finished work...and  as many as 10 "sketches" in a day. .
I am always learning, and unfortunately always forgetting....I sometimes relearn lessons I first learnt years ago. Often it feels like I am beginning afresh.

Organised many one man shows in Wales, also sold through many London Galleries.

Became a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustrators, FSAI.1996 Moved back to Llandeilo with young family, continued to explore all avenues of watercolour work.

1960: Born Llandeilo,
1982: BA Plymouth School of Architecture,
1982-84: Travelled and painted far east, worked in architects offices, Exhibited Wales and Sydney.
1984-1996: Graduated AA Dip Architectural Association London, financed studies wholly through sale of watercolours.


Galleries: 1985 to present:
London: Waterman Gallery Jermyn St, New Academy Gallery Windmill St, Smiths Gallery Covent Garden, Abbot and Holder Museum St.
Sydney:Prouds Gallery.
Wales: Albany Gallery, Fountain Fine Art, Kooywood Gallery, Oriel Mimosa, Oriel Aeron, Harbour Lights Porthgain, Organised many one man shows in Llandeilo.

Harbour Lights Gallery Porthgain

The Gallery, Yr Oriel Newport Pembs 

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