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Andrea Kelland

The Sunny Patch of Water
Shore Crash
Shadow Ringpool
Shadow Cove
Pool Shadow
Offshore Wavecrash
Beach Reflections
On the Rocks
Over the Rocks
Pool Corner

Most of my work is about water and transitory moments in time. Important to me are rich variations of colour, using light and dark tones, rough and smooth textures; along with good underlying drawing, a strong composition and the absolute delight of using watercolour....Loosely with lovely big brushes and then carefully; making clear defining marks, using a small brush with delicacy. I like my work to be contemplative, with a bit of poetry about it.

I trained in Fine Art at Kingston on Thames in the early 1960s. Because of family commitments, I couldn't paint until my children had left home. During those years I ran a small clothing business in Devon.

I began to paint again when I moved to West Wales in 1988. I also screen­printed cards and wrapping papers . My first exhibition was in Swansea at the Taliesin Arts Centre in 1992. Since then I have held several solo shows there and at many other venues in South Wales. I was awarded an Arts Council loan for my exhibition 'Above & Below' which toured 7 venues in 1997­-98.

In 1998 I became a member of the then Watercolour Society of Wales and included my work in their numerous exhibitions ever since.

In 2007 I exhibited at MOMA Wales, Machynlleth in the Prizewinners show and was awarded an Arts Council Grant to enable me to work on my exhibition 'The Power of Water and Swell of The Wave', which was shown at MOMA, Taliesin Swansea and Oriel Q Narberth.

In 2014 I held a large retrospective exhibition at The Taliesin Swansea and at Tenby Museum Gallery in 2015.

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