Toose Morton

My past as a production /prop buyer in television meant that I had the opportunity to work in a variety of creative fields.  My desire was always to study art and in 2013 I completed the foundation year at Swansea Met.   I was offered a place on the degree course but I decided not to take it up for a variety of reasons and  I set out to pursue and develop my practice.  I have exhibited both art and sculpture in several locations over the ensuing years.

I cannot separate the human form from the landscape and humanity from inanimate objects - this has led me to collaging with my life drawings which is something I often do.   Life drawing is central to my practice  and  I like to experiment with diverse materials and techniques - this is what drives me forward. 

The past forms and informs the present and the future,  and memories make up the fabric of our existence.  People places and situations that I have encountered,  consciously or subconsciously,   never fully disappear from view.   Images and  objects can invite complex responses - providing opportunities to pause engage and question,  and offer chances to create or revisit feelings ...those feelings that make us human.

‘Drawing’ with wire metal and other (preferably found) materials is both fascinating and satisfying.  The pieces often find their own path and I am encouraged to look at and respond to the world around me.  I make for inside and outside spaces.

My practice ‘The View From Here’ began with an obsession with the beautiful view across to the Black Mountains from my home - although it is constant it is ever  changing - and holds memories of all those who have crossed back and forth to be here over the years.     As my practice  evolved and broadened it became the view from inside my head and enabled me to give form to an internal  dialogue. 

THE VIEW FROM HERE   is where I was - where I am now - and where I might be heading.

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