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Nigel Robert Pugh

Women of Jerusalem VI
Women of Jerusalem V (Sarah)

Graduated from Cardiff College of Art in 1978 and worked as an Industrial and Architectural Designer and Illustrator until the early 1990s when he moved to West Wales to become a full-time painter.

Has taken part in many solo and group shows and has work in private collections worldwide.

Art practice includes oil paintings, watercolours, monoprints and drawings, illustrative & portrait commissions, sculpture, b&w landscape photographs and aerial photography.


Watercolour painting has played a pivotal role in my development as a painter over the past 15 years. Following a career as a designer/illustrator I returned to watercolour painting almost exclusively for five years in order to ground myself in the demanding discipline of working with such a technically unforgiving medium.  From this I moved into painting in acrylics, and subsequently oils using painting techniques that retain the fluidity, and the light-reflecting and transparent layering qualities of watercolour. Currently my work is equally divided between oil painting and watercolour.


I am an expressionist painter by inclination but prefer not to recognize boundaries, believing that there are no a priori rules in the making of art.


In recent years my deepening Christian faith has led me to explore the relationship between faith and art, and has led to an exploration of religious iconography and the place of the spiritual in contemporary art practice. 


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