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RWSW Seeking Secretarial Support

Our President Robert Macdonald writes:

I am deeply sorry to have to report that we in the RWSW are soon to lose our excellent secretary, Mariella Scott. Mariella has found her increasing burden of work difficult to manage alongside her full time job and other commitments and recently announced that she would have to step down from the post of Hon Secretary as of the end of August 2021. During the last few years she has been a great asset to our society and I am sure I speak for all the committee when I say that we shall miss her greatly.

We need to find a person preferably enthusiastic about the work of the society and with practical online abilities. If there is any member with some time available and the necessary abilities we would love to hear from you. Also, we would be very grateful if all members could spend a moment or two thinking of any of their friends or acquaintances who might like to take over the post which is challenging but which also can be very interesting for the person involved.

Please contact the RWSW President and Treasurer via this website if you are interested in finding out more.

Please note this is a voluntary role which carries a yearly honorarium.

Robert Macdonald President

David James Treasurer

Royal Watercolour Society of Wales

Secretary- role description

  1. Organise dates and venues for Society Committee meetings (approx. 4 per year) either face to face or virtual meetings. Prepare agendas, write minutes, and pursue action where appropriate.

  2. Organise a yearly AGM- prepare the agenda, write the minutes, and pursue action where appropriate.

  3. Finds venues for exhibitions over a 3–4-year time frame (approx. 2-3 per year).

  4. Organise exhibitions, liaise with curator, contacts members, provide list of exhibits, arrange transport, any printed material and press releases

  5. Liaise with potential applicants and arrange for applications to be considered at the AGM.

  6. Maintain membership details and contact information.

  7. Maintain website as appropriate using specialist assistance where necessary.

  8. Maintain and updates the Constitution of the Society.

  9. Issue newsletters to members and host virtual get together sessions.

  10. Manage social media streams- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  11. Respond to all correspondence and queries.

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